Monday, March 18, 2013

Unique Glam

Its the begging of the year and soo many weddings and event are on our way. Its hectic when you come to think of what different unique outfits you will put together for all of these. I know cause I have alot and its easier for me since I got a Tailor freshing things up. Inspired by any of these? Let us know how we can glam you up..Enjoy life, live Fabulous :)

Photo credits to Bella Naija and Christie Brown

Monday, March 11, 2013


 Hello dolls,
Accessories are a very important add on to an outfit. Its defines fabulosity. A few pieces would add edge to your style. Get inspired by these and get one of your own at venturedstyle

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Red Carpet- Golden Globes 2013

Ohh we so love the red carpets...they are so intriguing  . The looks of the best and worse is very exciting in the fashion world. Lets have a look at the sequins  plunging necklines and so many dazzling designs for this years Golden Globes. These are so far my best.

J-Lo in a body bearing  long sleeved lace gown by Zuhair Murrad. Mhh this lady is such a fashionista. For me, she just doesn't dissapoint whether on the red carpet , or just casual. Love love this dress. Mh I guess the body says alot about her pulling the looks. She is so glamorous and elegant. Mh the hair, the make up, accesories are just on point. Ok I could write a page about how She is a fashion legend, I guess its because I love her alot. Plus for me she is still one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Sleeves made a comeback on the red carpet. Nicole Richie chose a light blue lace, long-sleeve gown by Naeem Khan (and matching blue eyeshadow.)
Another lace gown. Dont we just love lace? I know I do.. Nichole Richie in a long sleeve  light blue lace gown by Naeem Khan. She was so subtile.

Tina Fey's black-and-white lace L'Wren Scott dress came in a surprisingly chic tea length, which turned out to be a trend.
 The very funny Tina Fey in a black and white tea length  lace gown by L' Wren Scott. Who thought this could be worn on a red carpet?  She pulled it off
Emily Blunt, who wore a gold metallic lace chain Michael Kors gown, had the best of the night's big earrings, dazzling ruby danglers by Lorraine Schwartz.
Owww and we got the most worn in this years Golden Globes and its.... Laaaaaaceee.  Im so in love with the cut.. Its Emily Blunt in a gold metallic lace by Michael Kors. Isn't she dazzling? I personally love her acting too, her accent. She is such a cutee

Marion Cotillard looked fresh and modern in a Raf Simmons for Dior orange velvet gown with drape front detail and asymmetrical hem.
Marion Cotillard in a Raf Simmons for Dior orange velvet gown with drape front detail and assymetrical hem. She is so chick, fresh and modern in this gown. Loving the simplicity


Hello sweethearts,

I know we said we back..we couldn't post things sooner things abit outta control ....we working on something for you guys so hold on please.

Ok here are some of ventured custom made designs for our lovely Martina and Lydia. They look so good and more in person. I love both their pieces, what do you think?

Sweet Martina rocking a simple peplum dress for a Kitchen party. The peplum part is however removable. The ideas is that she could wear it on top of any other cloth she preferred  This ideas is soo cool as you you just have your simple gown and add up the peplum and rock!. Good thing is that you can rock this peplum both on an office wear or an outing with friends.

Lovely Lydia rocking a maxi skirt by Ventured style. I love how she paired it. Doesn't she look lovely?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

We are back

Hello ladies...

I know we have been quite you know Jan is kinda hectic... How was your holidays? It's yet another year. Happy new year to you all. We are thankful for yet another beautiful blessed year.. It's gonna be one of the bestest I believe.

We have so much in store for you guys.. We wanna go to new heights with you all so we kindly ask for your support as you always have. Thank you dolls.

So what's your New Years resolutions ? I hope fabulosity is one and Venturedstyle is hear to fulfill this for you. Lets get rocking, glam up .. One way of feeling good.. This is my new years's resolution among many which are leaving a healthy lifestyle and do Gods will. Wanna share yours? Karibu,

Karibu Sana venturedstyle. We love you all

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Mother, A friend, A beautiful woman.... Gone to soon

We have been kimya for long time, that I agree but the silence was because I personally couldnt find words to put down to express how we felt.
I met mama Olivia back in Uni - from there onwards my visits to Olivias place where without a pre call to check if she was around cause I knew Mama was there. Jamani we usually say these things when someone passes but for this mama I mean every word; She was a friend - a every funny one and most importantly a mother to all of us.
There is this feeling that I have everytime I go to Olivias now days - that she will come out of her room... talking about closer.
From me and Cathy; Pole sana sana sana Olivia and to Mama you Rest now

RIP Mama Olivia

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Layering with Blazers!!


You know what, as a girl/ Lady one MUST have is a blazer. Yes you got have these in your wardrobe and in case you wondering where to get them  wallah!! now you know!! Here are a few pieces we worked on and so many other styles are in store for you

Thanks to Olivia of bongoshopaholic  for taking the pics :)